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Our Mission

Our mission is to help organizations deliver exceptional results. We do this in two ways. First, we help organizations optimize their operating model so that they can become more efficient, flexible, and effective. Second, we help implement organizational and operational initiatives that result in a step change in performance. Our methodology, which uniquely combines program management and change management helps ensure that these initiatives deliver the results promised in their business cases.

Our team of seasoned consultants is well-positioned to help our clients succeed. All of them have years of consulting leadership experience in the Life Sciences industry. They combine a deep knowledge of operations across the bio-pharmaceutical value chain with a thorough understanding of the processes that enable change. Their domain expertise extends from product development and manufacturing through to medical affairs and commercialization.


Our approach to consulting puts our clients in charge, helping them make all the important decisions, so that they retain complete ownership of the engagement and its results. We make sure we leave our clients more educated, capable and equipped to handle any obstacles ahead.

Your Partner in Organizational Change

In the rapidly evolving pharmaceuticals industry, change is the one constant you can count on. Which is why at Harmony Management Consulting, we design and implement large-scale operational and organizational change initiatives with one goal in mind: to make your company more effective at what you do best.  Our extensive background in the Pharmaceutical Industry gives us a deep understanding of how Life Sciences organizations work best from a both an operational and organizational perspective. And we apply this balanced approach with our proven change methodologies to quickly get your team aligned, on board, and back to the business of changing the world. 

Our Distinct Approach to Organizational Effectiveness

Our experience has shown that maintaining active client involvement throughout the consulting engagement is the only way to ensure that the project brings about the desired changes and results—both on time and on budget. While we always work creatively and flexibly to adhere to busy schedules, we have also found that putting in the necessary time while the project is underway saves a significant amount of time and money later. As such, our methodologies are designed to allow this collaboration to occur naturally and easily.

Instead of solving your problems directly, our strategies are designed around guiding you and your teams through your own change process—helping you determine your needs and how to best meet and implement them. In addition to making your organization more effective in the short-term, our goal is to provide you with the skills and tools you need to confidently address the additional issues that will inevitably arise in the future. At the end of a successful consulting engagement with Harmony, our clients are always more educated, capable, and equipped to handle any new obstacles ahead.  


Representative Services  


  • Organizational Assessment

  • Organizational Vision and Mission

  • Organizational Design

  • Operating Model Constructs

  • Organizational Change Management

  • Organizational Communications

  • Training and Skill Building

  • High Performance Team

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