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Representative Projects

Transforming commercial operations

Prepared for growth with a comprehensive, multi-functional commercial platform

A large US biotech, facing with multiple product launches, needed to reengineer its commercial processes and systems to manage the increase in scale. Led the change management and implementation effort for the large, multi-year, multi-function transformation program that included sales, marketing, managed care and sales operations. Systems implemented included CRM, Marketing resource management, contract management and reimbursement case management. Designed a custom OCM playbook, which has since been successfully leveraged for future implementations

Streamlining product team structure

Accelerated development lead time and streamlined overall resource and time commitment

At a global pharmaceutical manufacturer, product development was suffering due to an ineffective team structure. This was leading to mis-communication between the product team, functional teams and the global development organization. Worked with the portfolio planning committee to streamline the product team structure, rationalize development teams and clarify the responsibilities of the Product Team Leads. Developed a new Product Team Structure playbook

An innovative approach to CRM for Account Managers

Significantly improved account relationships and account team collaboration

For a US Bio-Pharmaceuticals manufacturer, with a very large managed care field force, developed an approach to CRM that dispensed with "reach and frequency" tracking. Instead, the system focused on the key enablers to building deep strategic relationships with account executives. These included ready access to important, comprehensive, account related information through a personalized portal for Account Managers. Also included a "collaboration" functionality available to all account team members across the managed care functions. The solution was extremely successful and has been replicated for several other commercial teams

Flexible operating model for medical affairs

Improved resource utilization and faster ramp up for team members

The large US based pharmaceutical client had a diverse product pipeline spread out over multiple disease areas. The traditional medical affairs resource model, which is highly specialized by TA, was not flexible enough and would lead to redundancies and displacement as resource needs fell significantly after peri-launch. We developed a flexible and scalable operating model that enabled resources to be relocated across molecules in different disease areas, thus affording an easier, less risky scale up to support upcoming launches

Implementing enterprise wide Document Management

Addressed compliance risk, standardized key quality and manufacturing processes

A global vaccines, device and pharmaceuticals manufacturer that had grown through a series of acquisitions, was facing significant compliance risk due to non-standard quality management processes and procedures across its many worldwide facilities. Under the sponsorship of their Executive Committee, we developed a unified process for R&D, submissions, CMC/Process Development and enterprise change control. Set the overall change management strategy and implemented the harmonized processes and systems (Document Management and CAPA)

Reengineering Clinical Operations

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Led the Clinical Development Operations transformation for a global vaccines company. Developed the operational processes and strategy for CROs, Study Start-up and Protocol Development teams. Helped develop and implement multi-year strategic contracts with CRO, study sites, providers and health systems

Improving channel visibility

Smoothened inventory levels, improved forecast accuracy and reduced net trade discounts

For a large biotech manufacturer, developed the channel visibility & order management strategy to facilitate management of demand fluctuations. Assessed order and fulfillment operations and improved trade management processes. Led the Organizational Change Management effort to implement a technology platform to enable downstream visibility of product movement and pricing

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