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Improving Customer Relations by Changing Account Manager Behavior

Client: US affiliate of a large pharma and biotech manufacturer

What we found: Managing access from payers was becoming increasingly important as products were facing increased competition and required contracts with payers to support pull-through. Account managers would need to develop stronger relationships with a larger set of customers, including pharmacy and medical directors of major national and regional plans. However, there was no process in place to guide and track their efforts at building these relationships and progress was intermittent, at best. Account managers continued to meet clients they knew well and were not making enough effort to meet new customers.

What we did: Since changing account manager behavior was essential, Harmony Management Consulting helped the client develop a comprehensive scorecard for all of the account managers. This established a set of measures for tracking the breadth and depth of the relationships maintained by each account manager. We also developed guidelines for what an effective account manager looks like and what they are expected to do to build ties with new customers.

Analysis: Account manager activities can be segmented into four major buckets: Payer Perception; Account Relationships; Access; and Pull-Through. Appropriate KPIs can be developed for each and can become the basis for a scorecard.


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