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Managing Personal Change

We believe behavior change is an essential component to any successful change initiative. For business value to occur, there needs to be a transition from an old to a new set of values and behaviors from both an organizational and behavioral perspective.

The organizational change involves a reconfiguration of organizational elements, such as people, processes, systems, and roles. This transition is an internal process. It creates a new environment within which to work that is external to the individual and focuses directly on the organization itself.

The behavior change is a reaction, re-orientation, and adjustment to this new environment from the perspective of your employees. It fosters new behaviors and practices that are internal to the individual.

We must also remember that transition is a period of uncertainly and confusion, as individuals struggle to give up existing behaviors in favor of unfamiliar new ones. Adoption levels often drop after the launch of a new initiative, making the risk of failure very high without ongoing Organizational Change Management support.

However, the likelihood of success is increased with the presence of Adoption Enablers. These individuals employ knowledge, motivation, and support to reinforce the desired changes until the new behaviors are consolidated.

At Harmony Management Consulting, our experience and expertise in organizational change management can guide you through the entire process of actively managing behavior change to produce the desired business value.

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